Word of Jay

Don Diebel: “Women don’t want just sex - they want good sex and romance. Women’s desires are much greater than most men realise. But, unlike men, who are mostly just after sex, women are looking for great sexual experiences. Women are very discriminating and choosy in picking sexual partners. They are only interested in having a sexual encounter with a partner that sexually arouses them and/or promises, by his manner or image or personality, to be “good in bed.” Women want exciting, provocative, imaginative partners who will lead them through great sexual experiences. Though their sexual desire may be very high, they will pass up just any sexual encounter waiting to find the one that promises to be special. But women know that good sex is hard to find - once they have it, they will not let go easily:)”

So make sure that when you do her, you do her right:)

10 Rules of a Player

-1- SMILE. Remember to smile constantly; while you’re talking, while your listening, while you’re doing just about anything. I cannot stress this rule enough; smiling is the most powerful weapon in any player’s arsenal. It lets the women know that you’re probably a fun guy to be around and someone they would like to know or be involved with. This single rule alone can improve your success with women by over 100%, use it wisely. Smiling builds comfort and rapport with women, which are both necessary aspects of seduction and will be your downfall if they are neglected. However, don’t overdo your smiling and walk around like your face is stuck that way, it’s creepy. Smile enough to be viewed as approachable and likeable, but only in appropriate amounts.

-2- While gaming a woman, constantly repeat her name, it will be like music to her ears. For example “Stop trying to seduce me, Jill… I know what you’re up to!” instead of “Stop trying to seduce me… I know what you’re up to!” To further amplify the potency of this technique, you can even pet name your target, which will create a stronger connection between the two of you and allow you to “stake your claim” on her indirectly.

-3- Always compliment women and they will always feel good about you, but don’t overdo it or they will think your just trying to score points (which you are, but you don’t want them to know that). Try to sound sincere and give her a unique compliment that most people will overlook. Once you’ve gotten comfortable with complimenting women in general, the next step is to begin giving them negative compliments in order to disqualify yourself as someone that is trying to pick them up. By doing this, you will have a non-threatening presence from then on and will be able to game her from a much more powerful position. The basic form of a neg is a positive followed by a negative, for example “I like the color of your shirt, but it fits a little funny on you… is it too small?”

-4- Always change the amount of attention that you give her. For instance: Give a woman your undivided attention for an extended period of time one day, and then appear to be too busy to even talk to her the next. This will drive her crazy and you will be on her mind the entire day. She will be wondering if she said or did something wrong and she will become much more interested in you because she won’t be able to think about anything else. Women are emotional creature, and playing upon their emotions is a sure-fire way to keeping them attracted to you for as long as you like. Women want their own lives to seem as crazy and dramatic as a soap opera, so if you can manage to give that to them they’ll love you for it.

-5- Knowledge is power. Always listen to and observe everything, including other’s conversations. If you take the time to observe a woman before you approach her, you may notice something she is doing, wearing or talking about which in-a-way “tell you” what to say when you try to spark up a conversation with her. It is a common myth that in order to be successful you need to approach a woman immediately once you’ve seen her. Once your skills have evolved you will easily be able to think of unique openers to use impromptu in the field, but during your journey of skill development it is much more important to plan your moves properly than it is to act upon impulse. Take baby steps and give yourself room to grow; this is not an overnight process.

-6- Never say “How about giving me your number?”. Always use something like “I’d like to talk to you again, is there a number I can reach you at?”. This always produces much better results because she must avoid saying “no” or she will sound stupid because that will mean there is not a number she can be reached at. It also makes you more original than every other idiot that asks for her number. Another great approach is to simply hand her your cell phone and tell her (don’t ASK her, tell her) to put her number in it. The first example is an open-ended way to ask for her number, while the second is a forceful way to get her number. Both are equally effective so experiment around with them to find out which you prefer using.

-7- Variety is the key, switch up your hair style, cologne, and outfits on a regular basis. Women love men that they cannot predict. You don’t want to be viewed as being boring, do you? It would also be a good idea to have something unique about your appearance that sets you apart from the crowd, this will help to get you noticed more often by women and even approached by them. Having a unique appearance is one of the main ingredients to being viewed as someone who is interesting and a person that people will want to know more about.

-8- When asked “What are you doing?” never reply with “Nothing”, always appear to be busy even if you are not. This will make you seem to be much more interesting. You want any woman that you are dating to think of you as a man who has many different aspects of his life and many things to do at all times. If you give off the vibe that you are the type of person that does not have much depth than you will not get very far in your relationships and they will typically end prematurely before you get what you want out of them.

-9- When rejected, just smile and walk away. Who cares what she thinks, you probably won’t ever see her again anyway. Besides, it’s her loss and she just missed out on a good time with a great guy. Go out looking to get rejected, because once you become comfortable with girls saying no, your fear of rejection will be gone. Desensitizing yourself to rejection takes time but it is a necessary aspect of building your skills, so you should always approach women with an open mind knowing that if they do reject you, it’s nothing personal. Remember that the player who gets rejected the most is the player who leaves with the most numbers!

-10- Quit worrying about what to say next and focus your attention on listening. She will give you leads as to what she would like to talk about, in essence, telling you want to say next. For example: you say “How are you doing?” she says “I got a 50 cent raise today, but then I got a flat tire on my way home from work, so I guess I’m doing ok”. She just gave you two leads that hint at what she is willing to talk about; all you’ve got to do is pick one. You can either choose to stroke her ego: “Cool, you probably deserved the raise” or tease her “Well, how did you earn the raise (while staring directly at her tits and smiling playfully)”.

Never act submissive because you want to be the “Nice Guy”. In the real world (outside of Hollywood) nice guys don’t ever get the girls, so stand up for yourself and don’t get used. However, don’t become the “Jerk” either; the goal is to be likable while also showing strength by always expressing yourself and your opinions. The key to having a well-rounded character is having a good balance of all things.

Be Busy

Let the girls know that you are a busy and important person.

Don Diebel:

  • When a girl asks you what you did yesterday, never say, “Oh, I just sat around and was bored.” Better to say, “I was up early to run errands and take care of business, then played tennis, met a friend for lunch, and worked in the afternoon.” Lie if you have to. And don’t worry, you’ll get used to it:)
  • If a girl calls and asks what you are doing, reply with, “I just walked in the door” or “I’m just on my way out to take care of business.”
  • Don’t hang on the the phone for hours talking to girls indicating you don’t have anything else to do. Get the business of the call over, be pleasant, then excuse yourself.
  • By not calling a girl every night or contacting her every day, you show that you are busy and have other things that are important in your life besides her. This lets her know that she is going to have to compete for your time.
  • If you run into someone, be pleasant and friendly. Show that person that you have an interest in her, but then excuse yourself because of having things to do. In this way, you show her that she is going to have to work for your time. You are not “easy.”

By letting people know that you are a person doing things and active, you suggest a lot to a girl. Certainly, you must be someone who knows where you are going, hence, leadership. You play on her sense of wanting what she can’t have because she will have to compete for your time with all of your other activities. You will appear to be different from all the other guys who are hanging on her begging for her time. She will suspect that there are other girls in your life or you wouldn’t be so busy. And finally, she is going to have to use her charms to seduce you away from all these other activities - and girls just love a challenge:)

Life Tips Part 4

76. When girls go wild they show their tits to people. When women go wild… they kill men, and drown their kids in a tub.

77. Sex toys are an investment. Interest paid in orgasms and successful relationships.

78. Sex is as much about power as it is touch. Giving, receiving. having, losing, exchanging.

79. Everybody loves you when they are about to cum.

80. Know who you are and all of your decisions will become easier.

81. Ask yourself this question: Will this matter a year from now.

82. The cautious lover keeps his nails trimmed.

83. Travel as far and wide as possible.

84. Style over substance. Because if done right they are the same thing.

85. A good hug is a sanctuary for two.

86. Happiness cannot be measured in dollars.

87. If a girl has to tell you shes not like most girls: Shes exactly like most girls.

88. Family comes first.

89. To be happy one must work. To be sad anyone can manage.

90. Win through your actions, never through argument.

91. You dont need any girl who doesnt need you.

92. There is no such thing as derserving happiness. You get what you demand from life.

93. A morning of awkwardness is far better than a night of loneliness.

94. Pick up lines: The simplest way to communicate that you dont know to start a conversation with another human being.

95. When spanking her, only strike one cheek at a time.

96. When you have children, you will always have family. They will always be your priority, your responsibility.

Life Tips Part 3

51. Text less. Call more. Give the gift of your voice.

52. We reserve the right to love many different people at once.

53. Someday never arrives. Do it before your opportunity slips away.

54. Her being jealous is not the same as her loving you.

55. The major civilizing force in the world is not religion. It is sex.

56. Learn the art of the tease. Dont immediately give her what she wants, even if you want it just as badly.

57. If she holds your gaze then looks at your lips, shes waiting for a kiss. Dont make her wait too long.

58. Anyplace you can kiss her you can bite her. Bite with caution.

59. Look as if you bought your clothes with intelligence, put them on with care, and forgot about them.

60. When asking for help, appeal to peoples self-interest, never their mercy or gratitude.

61. The better you dress the worse you can behave.

62. If she wont put in the effort, find someone who will.

63. Before buying anything ask yourself, “Will this make me happier?”

64. Never stop learning or youve died.

65. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.

66. Never clear your browser history out of shame. But do clear it out of politeness if you watch porn.

67. Avoid being a third wheel.

68. Find peace and happiness within yourself before trying to find it outside of yourself.

69. Dinner for two? Always split the bill.

70. When life gives you a clogged toilet, piss in the sink.

71. A man questions rather than accepts.

72. Keep all your ticket stubs. All of them.

73. Face>Body

74. Before you die, sleep with at least one woman who can genuinely domintate you.

75. The appeal of eating a girl out? Total control of her pleasure. You give and take however you see fit. She goes wherever you take her. Have fun with that power.

Life Tips Part 2

26. Dont put too much trust in friends. Learn to use enemies.

27. You dont have to fight to be a man. All you have to do is be intelligent.

28. Eat pussy. Its rude not to.

29. Gals, Its called a blowjob because its your job. Dont be irresponsible: Show up to work.

30. So much depends on reputation. Guard it with your life.

31. Dont let a girl tell you that you arent a man because you dont do something she wants. Real men do as they please. If you dont please her stop doing her.

32. Be able to laugh at yourself. Youll live longer and happier.

33. Spend less time plugged in and more time surrounded by friends.

34. Dont be afraid to dominate. In work, In play, and in bed: Take control.

35. Gals: Blow: Cock & Minds. Open: Your legs & Books. Sexuality is not the opposite of intelligence.

36. Treat every gun like its loaded.

37. Conquer yourself before others. Its a victory that cannot be taken away.

38. Take a risk, be spontaneous. The suffering that might come from a mistake is usually less intense and less enduring than the suffering of askind “what if?”

39. If your love making isnt rough, your doing it wrong. If you love them, fuck them like you hate them.

40. A good joke is told for amusement of the jokester.

41. Be careful of trends. Everything goes out of style, but pictures last forever.

42. A coward is incapable of exhibiting love.

43. Dont spit in public.

44. Know who your dealing with. Do not offend the wrong person.

45. When attracting a girl: Confidence > Good looks

46. Sex. In America, an obsession. In other parts of the world, a fact.

47. There is a fine line between sexy eye contact and creepy staring. Figure out where it is.

48. Gals: Lingerie Guys: Well tailored suit.

49. Sex may not be love, but abstinence definitely isnt either. But atleast sex is fun.

50. Talk to people. Talk with people. Never let anyone talk at you.

Life tips. Part 1

1. Seek happiness. Everything else is secondary.

2. Handholding: Interlocking fingers> Cupped hands

3. Sometimes, all a girl needs is a good spanking.

4. It is better to attract a girl than to chase one.

5. He who wishes to be obeyed must know how to command.

6. The prettiest dresses are worn to be taken off.

7. Just because your a girl doesnt mean you cant start the conversation.

8. Unless your roleplaying, never beg.

9. He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot will be victorious.

10. Sometimes be gentle. Sometimes be rough. Always be in control.

11. Speak confidently or do not speak.

12. “No” and “Stop” are not acceptable safe words. They are, however, acceptable foreplay.

13. Never make a girl your priority who only considers you an option.

14. Dont use the term “real women” to refer to curvy girls. Tall skinny girls arent imaginary.

15. Never apologize whne you arent sorry.

16. If you have to buy a girl a drink to get her attention she isnt worth yours.

17. If you want her respect, lead by example. Respect yourself first and always.

18. Crush your enemy totally.

19. Ladies, spitters are quitters. Dont be a quiter. You can do it. Believe in yourself.

20. If you cant grow proper facial hair, always stay clean shaven. No one wants to see your lip fuzz.

21. The true man wants two things: danger and play. For that reason he wants woman, as the most dangerous plaything.

22. Smaller breasts= Better breasts

23. There is a reason for every question. No one is ever “just curious.”

24. There are no ugly women, just lazy ones.

25. Stop being so nice. Shes already got a pussy. She doesnt need a spare.

Girls want to be understood. In order for her to feel understood, you need to listen to what she says, rephrase it and feed it back to her (it helps if you agree with whatever statement she made:). Listen to what she says, remember it and you can make her feel connected to you and understood by you even weeks after your conversation by just simply repeating what she told to you during your conversation:) So make sure a lot of your communication to her is a subtle echo of what she feeds you. Now this strategy is already quite effective on its own but combine it with using trance-words and she’s gonna levitate right in front of your eyes:)

Casual vs pick ups

Girls love to meet their prince charming casually, they dream of meeting you accidentally and by chance. That usually includes meeting you at a somewhat more private party (a birthday or a wedding, but not a nightclub), being introduced to you through a mutual friend, having common interests (hobbies, sports etc) and meeting you through events organized for people practicing these interests; school, work, hobbies, friends, and relatives being the common denominators here.

That is also why trying to pick up a girl in the street or on the commuter is so much harder to do than just “meeting her casually” - it is completely different from what she has been dreaming of and in addition to having to make her like you the way you present yourself, you’ll have to compensate for not being able to have the silent recommendation of having mutual friends or hobbies plus dismiss any of her doubts of you “doing this (picking up girls) all the time”, a thought which might weigh against you even if she actually likes you and your approach.

But whether you want to make the girl like you having met her casually or doing a more direct pick-up, you’ll be using the same techniques nevertheless. Opting for a casual meeting just simplifies your task of getting her to like you and has a higher probability of her coming to expect a LTR once things get serious (whether you like or want that to happen is already a different subject), whereas pick-ups are tougher to pull off successfully, but they also broaden your choice of girls far beyond those that you happen to meet “casually” plus each failure and succcess will build your experience and confidence respectively far more than casual meetings could ever do.

In short, casual meetings are safe, pick-ups more rewarding, and the choice is yours, but a healthy mixture of both is probably the best way to go:)